Feedback from our Readers...

We receive occasional feedback from many of our satisfied Readers.  We hope you enjoy reading some of the comments.  If you have a comment about one or more of our books, please feel free to use the Contact page and we will be sure to include them on the website.


Twisted Trails in Grand Canyon

Mary, Thank you so much for sending those books off to my grandchildren.  They were both excited and started reading immediately.  One of those has a book report to do and he was putting it off.  Now he is excited about doing it.  It is Twisted Trails all the way.  Thanks again.

~ Jan Eadelman

Spies in Disguise at Gettysburg

I just wanted to let you know that as my daughter and grandkids and I drove north from CO to go skiing in Wyoming, the 10-year-old and seven-year-old in the backseat were spelling words with Morse code thanks to the book that the 10-year-old had just read:  Spies in Disguise at Gettysburg. Thought you'd like to know.

~ Marge Faber


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