Mary has a passion for traveling, especially to National Parks. She has visited forty-five parks, exploring and photographing each one. She shares "America's best idea" with children through facts and mysterious adventures, hoping to create in them a desire to explore the parks for themselves.


Lava Chasers Cover (Cropped).jpg
Lava Chasers at Volcanoes National Park


Chosen to participate in a STEM study of volcanoes, Ben and Bekka, along with students from other NEWS Science Clubs, soon learn the danger of being close to an active volcano.  Would Kilauea erupt before they finished their science experiments?  Would they get off the island before the volcano erupted?  Would they be trapped by new lava on the Trail of Craters Road?  Another exciting adventure for the Cooper twins while on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Two If By Tea In Boston


"Scavenger hunt.  What's a scavenger hunt?" asked Ben and Bekka when their father told them they had an assignment to walk The Freedom Trail in Boston National Historical Park as undercover detectives.  Join the twins as they hunt for mysterious clues, uncover a plot hanging in the stairway of an old brick church, and encounter danger like they never have before.


The Runaway Lawnmower

From popular children's author Mary Morgan comes a book for younger brothers and sisters.  The Runaway Lawnmower, illustrated by Hannah Fritzke, entertains while teaching a life lesson - happiness comes from serving others.  This book is a feel-good story geared towards children ages 3-6.


La Desenfrenada
Podadora de Césped


Grand Canyon Cover Copy_edited.jpg
Twisted Trails in Grand Canyon

Mystery, adventure, and a dangerous rescue await Ben and Bekka Cooper and their cousins, Kyla and Jack, at Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch.  The family reunion quickly turns into a weekend of thrills, chills, and a near spill over a cliff into the canyon below.  But there's a sneaky thief.  Who is it?

Double Trouble in the Everglades


"Three, two, one, go!" the ranger yelled.  In a blaze of speed, twenty-five teams of bikers took off as fast as they could,  heading straight into the heart of Shark Valley.  Chosen to hike, bike, and paddle the Everglades National Park Triathlon, Ben and Bekka Cooper find themselves surrounded by more than alligators, crocs, and snakes.  With keen eyes and quick thinking, they discover a get-rich-quick scheme that quickly becomes unglued.  Join the twins and new friends in a suspenseful journey into the Everglades.


Snow Den at Yellowstone


While spending Christmas vacation at Old Faithful Snow Lodge in Yellowstone National Park, Ben and Bekka Cooper, along with their cousin Ian, find themselves entangled in more than chills and spills on ski trails.  In the face of danger and freezing temperatures, the trio of sleuths save the day for an injured friend, and foil the plot of villains to leave their mark on our first National Park.


Spies in Disguise at Gettysburg

Chosen to attend a reenactment of North against South at Gettysburg National Military Park, Ben and Bekka Cooper, along with their classmates experience a once-in-a-lifetime field trip.  Putting their keen eyes and quick thinking to the test, they uncover a plot to ruin the event.  With the help of a camera, travel book, and a secret weapon, the spies in disguise did not get away with the crime.


The Face at Mount Rushmore

Looking forward to spending the 4th of July in South Dakota with their uncle at Mount Rushmore, Ben and Bekka have no clue about what awaits them at the national monument.  Is there a diabolical plan?  If only the presidents could talk...


Stolen Treasures at Pictured Rocks

While exploring Michigan's Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Park, twins, Ben and Bekka Cooper, along with a new friend Eli, discover not only the beauty of Lake Superior, but encounter more than they bargained for. With keen eyes and quick thinking, they came upon thieves planning to steal artifacts from sunken ships. Needless to say, their vacation was more than just a camping trip.